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Safe Tree Removal, Lopping or Stump Grinding at Wavell Heights

Once Summer in Queensland begins, and the weather becomes hot, it’s a matter of time before a storm builds up. While wind and rain bring welcome relief, they can also do massive damage. No matter if a tree stands in a densely-forested area or the Wavell Heights suburbs, lightning may strike it, killing it instantly, leaving no more than a blackened trunk.

As soon as the storm has subsided, you take a look at the poor tree and met with a ghastly sight. It’s impressive how something that has grown so strong can be killed in merely an instant. What to do with the sad remainders? Can you safely leave them the way they are, or should you take other measures? Contact Classic Tree Lopping to assess the situation in Wavell Heights correctly. Yes, we’ll serve you with a smile, even if you only need information. Ask away! We know about native trees, how to treat them, and what a bolt of lightning can do to them.

Twenty years of experience at your service for Tree Lopping in Wavell Heights

At Classic Tree Lopping, we do not only service Brisbane, but also its northern suburbs, including Wavell Heights. If a consultation by phone or over the internet won’t do, we’ll drive to you to inspect the tree. If the lightning damage is too substantial, tree removal or tree-stump removal may be necessary. While removing the stump is radical, you can rest assured that pests or disease won’t claim it. We can also grind the stump to 3 inches below ground level so that you can cover it with grass. For concrete, we’ll grind the stump to 4-6 inches below ground level. Tree-stump removal at Wavell Heights goes quickly, even for larger quantities.

Better safe than sorry

While it is impossible to foresee if a tree will be hit by lightning, you can take other precautions if a storm is imminent. Most people keep a list handy, so they don’t forget to check what needs checking. Such a list is usually long and comprehensive. Still, an overlooked item on that list is trees and yet, as soon as a storm has passed, what is the subject of the first news articles on television or in the papers? What kind of pictures typically accompany the texts? A branch fallen on a car or an entire tree landed against the wall of a house is something you can often prevent.

So, when you hear that a summer storm is approaching, and you are responsible for a tree, it is wise to have its branches trimmed or even to have it completely removed. Consider entering our company name “Classic Tree Lopping” on your storm-checklist. We are at your service for safe removal of any branches that might hit electricity lines, or for full tree removal, at Wavell Heights. It would be painful to see a picture of your tree as the eye-catcher of a damage report on television or in the papers.

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