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Stumped by a Stump in Lutwyche? Call Classic Tree Lopping for Removal

Imagine you’ve just bought a nice and cosy house, with precisely the right amount of space, located ideally nearby the centre of Lutwyche. You smile as you check every room. When you step into the back garden though, amidst the flowers, you discover a dilapidated wooden tub. The garden is lovely, but that tub will have to make way for something prettier. As you lift the old container for immediate removal, it reveals a tree-stump.

The previous owner must have had a tree there, you realise. He’d taken a wise decision to remove it, as the tree must have bereaved the house of light, and taken all the food from the neighbouring plants. You grumble softly. The owner seemed a nice person, but now you’re left with an ugly stump

A search on the internet teaches you plenty of ways to get rid of a tree-stump. You frown though, seeing that many of these solutions involve herbicides or other poisonous substances. You can let the stump rot, but that takes many years. Digging or pulling it out yourself is out of the question; you don’t have the muscles for that. You shrug your shoulders. Perhaps you should leave the tree-stump as it is.

One address for tree-stump removal in Lutwyche

Leaving a tree-stump where it is, is a bad idea. Even many years after chopping down a tree, the stump may look dead, but the roots may still be very much alive. In the spring, sprouts may start to grow. Or termites or ants may find the old wood a suitable habitat. Once they’ve settled inside, it’s a matter of time before they invade your home, in search of food.

So, call Classic Tree Lopping for tree-stump removal in Lutwyche located on Brisbane’s North Side, which is less than a half hour’s drive to Lutwyche. You may wonder if a silly tree-stump is worth our while? Rest assured, whether you want to be rid of just a stump or if you need an entire tree removal in Lutwyche, we offer you an arborist with 20 years of experience and top-quality workmanship.

Advice remote and on-site

We’re happy to give you all necessary advice on the telephone or via e-mail. Pictures help, but sometimes we need to “dig deeper.” Our arborist from Classic Tree Lopping will come to Lutwyche then, look at the stump. Each tree is different, and some have roots that spread widely under the ground. Perhaps it’s enough to grind the stump down to below ground level. Depending on the circumstances, the depth may vary between 3 and 6 inches. Should the worst have happened, and the roots of the tree have spread under the foundation of your house, we’ll take care of complete but safe removal. By the time your Classic Tree Lopping arborist is done, you’ll be rid of the obnoxious tree-stump in a way that is safe for both your garden as your house in Lutwyche.

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