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One Address for Tree Lopping, Trimming, and Stump Removal at Albion

We worry about trees, and rightly so. They turn carbon dioxide into precious oxygen, freshening the air we breathe. So, if we cut a tree down, we should plant a new one elsewhere, to maintain balance. Sometimes, however, a tree can simply be a pest and removal is the only choice we have.

Some trees have seeds that spread quickly and very far away. At first, you may not realise it when such a seed finds its way into your garden in Albion. It may germinate and start growing unnoticed. While a one-year-old tree may only be two feet high and its trunk not thicker than your thumb, a year later it may be twice as tall and its trunk as thick as your wrist. Some trees grow as rapidly as six feet per year.

If you are lucky, a tree is a welcome and beautiful guest. While your tree is young, taking care of it is simple. Its branches are thin and flexible then, you can prune it yourself to stimulate its growth. After a few years, however, the wood gets too thick and hard. You’ll need to turn to a competent arborist nearby.

Classic Tree Lopping near Albion to your rescue

For 20 years, we at Classic Tree Lopping, have served Brisbane-wide, including Albion for quality work, fully insured. We hear you ask, is trimming truly necessary? Consider that damaged, diseased, or dead branches demand too much energy from the tree, as do sprouts. You should remove them as soon as possible. Thinning a dense canopy will give your tree more air and sunlight so that it grows to be healthy and robust.

Sometimes your leafy friend has to shed branches for health reasons; on other occasions, pruning is a safety measure. Storms in Albion can be fierce and devastating. If you think that a branch is in danger of being ripped off by a gust of wind, precautionary removal may be the right action to take.

Too big a tree in too small a garden

If your garden is small though, and the tree will eventually block the light to your windows, it will have to go entirely. You may wonder if you can’t remove a tree by yourself if it’s still small. How difficult can it be? If you aren’t sure, contact us anyway. Some trees have wide-spreading roots. They can grow far, spread under your house’s foundation, and cause severe damage. Check with us if you don’t know the species growing in your garden. Send us a picture per e-mail, and we can let you know if a simple spade suffices, or if tree removal in Albion is the right decision.

Rely on Classic Tree Lopping as well for tree-stump removal near Albion. You may think that covering the stump up will suffice. If it’s out of view, it can’t do any harm, can it? The tree-stump can attract pests, however, such as termites and ants. For tree-stump grinding or removal, call us. We’ll gladly help.

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