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Need Tree Lopping and Stump Removal in Windsor? Hire an Arborist!

Your yard can be a place of serenity and beauty, but to enjoy it the most you will want to keep it free of unwanted obstructions. Choosing to hire an arborist isn’t just an aesthetic consideration, either—it’s a pretty important part of staying safe. Imagine, if you will, that a sudden storm hits and there’s an old, dying or dead tree near your property. Strong winds, lightning strikes or heavy debris could break off limbs and send them hurtling towards your property—or even worse, fell the entire tree and send it crashing into your building. That’s the kind of situation you truly don’t want to experience. The best way to prevent it is to make sure that any unwanted trees on your lawn or in your yard are effectively removed.

Getting rid of a tree is no small feat, however. There’s a lot of work that has to be done for tree removal to be taken care of safely and effectively. If you’ve ever tried to dig even a small tree out of the ground by yourself, you already know what an ordeal it can be. There are roots to take care of, and lots of wood that needs to be taken away and disposed of properly. Not everybody has the equipment, the experience or the ability for a project like that.

Classic Tree Lopping, on the other hand, isn’t your average arborist, as our Windsor customers know well. We focus on removing tricky branches, stumps and entire trees from both commercial and private premises, using state-of-the-art gear and reliable methods. Stump removal and tree lopping in Windsor is easier and safer when you call us. We also offer our services at affordable prices, which allows you to make your property safer without having to spend an uncomfortable amount of money.

Every Kind of Tree Removal in Windsor

There’s no job too large or too small when you contact Classic Tree Lopping to deal with your overgrowth. Whether you’re looking for someone to help you with tree stump removal in Windsor or to take away an entire tree with all of its leaves and branches, we’ve got you covered. We’re also available to prune trees, or to clean up fallen limbs and branches after electrical storms. We’ve been doing this for over 19 years so we’ve seen every situation that could require the services of an arborist in Windsor. We also make sure to leave our client’s lawns looking nicer than we found them. It’s that kind of detail-oriented service that has made us so popular with our customers for nearly two decades.

Fully Insured

You’ll never have to worry about liabilities either when you hire us for lopping or stump removal in the Windsor area. That’s because Classic Tree Lopping is a fully insured company, making us exceptionally safe to hire. Call us now for a quote or to ask us about our various services. You won’t be disappointed.

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