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You Need to Call a Professional Arborist if You Need Tree Lopping, Removal or Tree Stump Removal in Spring Hill

Many residents of Spring Hill do a lot of the maintenance and landscaping on their properties by themselves. Here are three tasks where they should call in professional help to safely achieve the best results. They all can be accomplished with the services of a professional arborist in Spring Hill. They are: tree lopping, tree removal and tree stump removal.

The Inherent Dangers of Tree Removal

When asked about the most dangerous implement associated with tree lopping or tree removal in Spring Hill, most residents would say using a chainsaw. Statistically, they would be wrong. The most dangerous part of this undertaking seems pretty innocuous, innocent and non-threatening. It is the ladder! Some snarky smart-Alec might argue it’s not the ladder that causes injury, but rather gravity and contact with the ground. Be that as it may, the use of ladders is dangerous.

Between 2003 and 2012, 230 Australians died falling off ladders. Approximately three die each year in Victoria alone. Almost all of them are men over the age of fifty-five. Alfred Hospital reported that in June of 2014, they had 190 admissions of injuries from falling off ladders in that one month alone!

Professional Tree Lopping in Spring Hill

The term “tree lopping” in Spring Hill is referring to trimming branches from existing trees or selectively removing harmful or dangerous trees from your property. For most homeowners, this often requires the use of the aforementioned sworn enemy of middle-aged men everywhere…the ladder.

Even if you are involved in tree removal in Spring Hill, you are still likely to need a ladder, as few trees are located in areas where they can be cut down whole and dropped precisely without striking a dwelling, automobile, swimming pool or utility line.

An experienced arborist in Spring Hill like Classic Tree Lopping has all of the equipment and expertise to safely, and without harming structures or otherwise healthy trees, lop or remove any tree from any location.

Tree Stump Removal in Spring Hill

There is one upside to tree stump removal in Spring Hill. You do not need to use the dreaded ladder! However, tree stump removal is backbreaking work and is not without peril. The most common way homeowners undertake tree stump removal on their own is to dig a huge hole around the stump, and then spend hours chipping away at it with an axe. Watching you toil away at this task will make your neighbour the Chiropractor salivate for a new sports car just thinking of how many treatments it will take before you can walk upright.

Some inexperienced homeowners decide to burn the stump out by soaking it in kerosene, lighting a match and then running like the starter’s pistol just went off in the 200 Metre Sprint in the Olympic Trials. This rarely does anything but char the outside layer of the tree stump and such a fire can have disastrous consequences in a neighbourhood – and may leave ladders looking as safe as baby toys!

Instead, bring in a professional arborist in Spring Hill who will simply grind the stump below grade into a harmless pile of wood chips.

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