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Classic Tree Lopping is the Arborist to Call for Tree or Stump Removal Near Paddington

Like most residents of Paddington, you take great pride in your home and property. Your house is well maintained and freshly painted. Your grass looks like the fairways at a fine country club. Your flower beds are blooming with flowers and well-shaped shrubs. You even have that cute little white picket fence that all the neighbours have now copied. However, something just isn’t right. While everything else is manicured and perfect, your trees look scraggly and unkempt. You are not sure whether they can be saved, trimmed or should be replaced. You also aren’t sure why that one tree is leaning precariously over your driveway.

In some places they are growing into each other and there are branches hanging over the gutters and rubbing against the fascia boards at one end of your house. You have tried to keep them under control but just can’t seem to reach those higher branches and become understandably concerned trimming around those utility lines. You also keep putting off that back breaking work of tree stump removal to get rid of that old stump in the yard with an axe, pick and shovel. Your back hurts just thinking about it! You wonder who you should call for tree removal in Paddington.

There is only one company to call for tree lopping or tree removal in Paddington. Classic Tree Lopping. We have been the local arborist in Paddington for nineteen years. We provide personalised service at a reasonable price.

What is the Meaning of Tree Lopping in Paddington?

We are often asked, “What is tree lopping?” Lopping can have different meanings in different geographic areas. According to Dictionary.com, the definition of lop (or lopped, lopping) is: to cut off (branches, twigs, etc.) from a tree or other plant. To an arborist in Paddington, tree lopping can also refer to tree removal of unwanted or problem trees.

Want to Know More About Tree Stump Removal in Paddington? Call Classic!

Whatever phrase one prefers, we are the ones to undertake your tree removal in Paddington. We can either perform tree lopping on those trees that are right up against your house or perform the tree removal and tree stump removal from your Paddington property. Ask us about our specialised equipment for tree stump removal that works by grinding it below grade level. In most instances, we recommend tree stump removal to three inches below grade for grass or in beds, and six inches below grade for concrete.

We can also shape those scraggly trees by removing the dead or unhealthy branches and give your trees a nice pleasing look and avoid the danger of rotted branches falling on someone or something. It is far less expensive to remove rotten branches proactively, rather than to deal with the aftermath of a storm and have those branches land on your house or automobile.

There is one sure-fire way to make your trees look as healthy and manicured as your lawn and beds. Call us and see why your neighbours use Classic as their arborist in Paddington.

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